An offer for patent licensing: Application of pectin gels with low glycemic index on the coating of highly perishable fruits and vegetables to extend their shelf life

The group of Chemistry and Functionality of Carbohydrates and Derivatives (CSIC) has elaborated gels with low methoxyl pectins and limited amount of sweeteners to maintain the quality of fruits and vegetables for a long time. The procedure is quick, cheap, gives high yields and minimizes the impact to the environment. Industrial partners from food industry interested in the use of these gels under patent license are sought.

Innovative formulation of pectin gels

Berry fruits are one of the most economically important and appreciated fruits worldwide for their desirable taste, flavour and bioactive compounds. However, berry fruits have a short postharvest life due to their high respiration activity, which causes excessive texture softening and physiological deterioration during transport and storage reaching losses around 40-50%.

This invention consists of the development of gels of low glycemic index elaborated with low methoxyl pectins calcium and a reduced percentage of sucrose or stevia and saccharin. These gels have the ability to keep constant the firmness and colour parameters of berry fruits. Besides, the fruits coated with these gels during 12 days of storage at 4º C exhibited values of weight loss and microbiological load inferior to the maximum level established by the legislation.

Main applications and advantages

  • The gels can be used for other applications (jams, dairy products)
  • Potential applications in other areas diferent from food
  • Diversification of market
  • Development of new processes
  • Development of new ingredients
  • Valorization of agri-food by-products
  • Utilisation of green technologies

Patent Status

Spanish patent filed with possible international extension.

For further information please contact

Dra. Mar Villamiel
Institute of Food Science Research CIAL (CSIC UAM)
Tlf : 34 910017951/902